This is special!

It’s possible that THIS is why I wrote ‘This is the Mud!’.

I just thought I’d tell you that a Pyjama Angel working with a young boy who she has visited now for nearly 12 months loves ‘This is the Mud’. She has had a lot of problems getting him interested in reading and finding a story line he enjoys and she has now read it over and over on a number of visits – and he asks for more. It’s a great book J

Thrilled to hear it. Thank-you Cressida, for sharing.



  1. Wow that’s great feedback Kat. I got chills reading it. Congratulations and I’m so glad you shared that with us. Not only do you write wonderful books that inspire children to read but you, by posting that comment and in many other ways, motivate me to write as well. 🙂


    • That timing is amazing. On Tuesday I did author talks and said to the kids at St Johns, you never know when you might see it on PlaySchool. And Wednesday, you say you’ve just seen it! (My son’s relief teacher got a text from her daughter Wednesday – grandson most excited that ‘his book’ was just on PlaySchool. :P)

      Love hearing these stories. Hope the kids from St Johns saw it too!


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