NaPiBoWriWee Wrap-Up

At the end of #NaPiBoWriWee I have;

3 rhyming stories & 4 unrhymed (This is notable because last WriWee I made my first moves away from rhyme.)
2 sets of connected books. (Dare I say sequel?)
1 rocket rhymer
2 stories inspired by students
2 stories inspired by (pesky pest) animals
1 manuscript inspired by Twitter
2 heart stories, 3 warm stories, 2 silly stories
7 stories that excite me
7 stories that need a lot more work

Today I started the editing process. I can’t bear the thought of the roughness – and I needed to re-read to know what I’d written, because I’d honestly forgotten.

Ooops. A confession. I see a pattern in my PBs this week… a tendency to cuttothechaseandrushtheending just so I could finish the PB and go to sleep! (That was very naughty of me, I know – but they all had a beginning, middle and end – and I almost had enough sleep.)

For now, I’m beefing up the endings. And I’m working on the rhymers, reading aloud to check for scansion and aural appeal – and to ensure that each word counts. Next step is to thicken some plots. My brain was addled some nights and one in particular is pretty basic.

Again, thankyou to PaulaYoo for her wonderful idea to get us all writing – and communicating/encouraging throughout. The children’s writing community around the world is generous and connected – and great to be a part of. For those who’ve tweeted their progress and encouragement – or commented on my blog – I thank you.

I’ll be lining up again in 2012 – but this time I’ll put a reminder on my computer, so it doesn’t catch me unawares again. Mark it on your calendar (1-7 May each year) and read more here;



  1. I find it fascinating that you usually write in rhyme and (seem) to have a harder time writing unrhymed! Do the rhymes come that easily? Do you think in rhyme? I guess the opposite is true for me which is why this intrigues me. I did write a rather silly rhyming book for the first time on Day 7 this week. It’s a simple pattern and I’m not sure if it really is a book or not but the rhyme and subject had been on my mind for awhile so I’m glad I got it out. It will at the very least inspire some illustrations.
    NAPiBoWriWee is great for trying things out, pushing out those nagging stories we ‘don’t have time’ for!
    So glad to have met you on here, Kat!


    • I do write a lot in rhyme – and think in rhyme. Last year I realised I hadn’t written a non-rhyming PB for years. I had lost confidence in the genre – knowing when the story was finished. Hence the excitement to find that I ‘naturally’ wrote 4 unrhymed stories. I’ve come so far – but they still take time.

      Can relate to what you’re saying. I’m not yet convinced that mine are all ‘PB’ material. A couple may be poems… or part of a collection… But they won’t be wasted.


  2. Yay you, Kat. You did it.
    Are you feeling the urge while you revise them to turn the prose ones into rhymers?
    I like the sound of the rocket one. I remember when I was little I always liked a book with rockets.
    Best of luck with the next stage.


    • I think I’m happy to keep the prose as prose, Alison. They feel write. Since writing my verse novel, I now enjoy the play with words that don’t rhyme. The rocket story is a cutie. I quite like it! 🙂


  3. I had to laugh, Kat, at your comments. If someone asked me right now what I wrote for NaPiBoWriWee I wouldn’t be able to tell them. I can only remember the last one. The week was a wild blur and, like you, I wrote fiendishly at the end of the day in moments stolen from other tasks.

    You are amazing taking this on while there are so many other things happening. Congratulations!


  4. Congratulations Kat – amazing achievement! And speaking of catching unawares, if it wasn’t for your blog post, I probably would have missed it entirely, so thanks.

    I know exactly what you mean about the rhyme vs. prose. Even when I try to write in prose, rhyme always wants to sneak in. But one of the stories I’m on submission with right now is a prose story that I drafted during last year’s NaPi, so stretching yourself over time does work.

    I only ended up with 2.5 stories, having come in so late in the game, but I am pleased anyway. One is a story I’ve been meaning to write for months, and now I finally have a first draft! If that was the only thing I’d accomplished last week, that alone would have made it a success.

    I’m going to mark my calendar for next year right now… 🙂


    • Well done, you. Another busy person. So glad you caught my blog post then. (I had intended to promote it quite heavily. Still can’t believe I lost a whole month in there.) Excellent that you were able to link into the support and enthusiasm to get your stories written. Enjoyed reading of our similarities.


  5. Well done Kat! I’d forgotten all about NaPiBoWriWee too until you tweeted on that first day. I’m naturally inclined to write rhyme as well, but I told myself I wasn’t going to write rhymes every day and I think I only ended up with one or two rhyming stories by the end of the week, which surprised me. I’ll probably revise and polish five out of the seven stories I wrote (I’m not particularly happy with day 2 and 3’s stories). I’m going to let mine sit for a week before I start editing. I have a feeling a few of mine have rushed endings at the moment as well.


  6. My editing is now on hold again, Jo. Life has taken over. Interesting that there’s a few of us that went into this with the goal to write less in rhyme. Only three of mine really nailed the endings – with the twist, a-ha satisfaction. That’s okay. Will work on the others.

    You did really well, writing your last two when you were away for the weekend. Kids must have been good and quiet in the car. 😉


    • One child slept most of the way and the other was happy and mostly quiet so I got a good bit of thinking time to thrash out a story in my mind. Once kids were in bed for the night I wrote it out on my laptop. The other one was inspired by my trip (simple three-syllable line structure) and I wrote it when both had gone down for the night again.


  7. Hi Kat, Congratulations! I wish I could write in rhyme, I often think in rhyme and play with words but find it hard to get it onto paper and always lapse back into prose 🙂

    I missed NaPiBoWriWee which is a real shame but will definitely take part this year and will enjoy catching up with everyone else’s great efforts!


  8. Hi, Kat! Congratulations! So many people here I “know.” Picture books are the best!!!

    I sent you an e-mail to invite you for an interview. If you’re interested, you can e-mail me. wildbike @ I’ll try again in a few days…

    I think rhyming can be addictive. Once I get going, it’s hard to stop.


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