One Week in May

Somehow, it’s that time of year again. May! #NaPiBoWriWee – writing a picture book a day for the first week of May.

Only problem being… I forgot!

In my head I still had another month to prepare. Only remembered half-way through Day One. Had NO idea of what to write about. Didn’t know where to start!!! (That was where the panic set in.)

Thankfully, @jimhill tweeted a lifesaver (though he didn’t know it at the time) about #PiBoIdMo that I completed in November – a picture book *idea* every day for the month of November. Suddenly I had ideas!!! Forty-five ideas. At 5pm I sat down to write…

Which meant that in fact I had to begin three picture books…

But thankfully, I finally (Read: more panicking) wrote one to completion – and I’m off and rolling for 2011.

I’m really happy with the stories I wrote during 2010. Two are on submission at the moment. One is a heart story, inspired by one of my young sons’ quotes. The other some rhyming silliness inspired by two snakes that hung around during last year’s WriWee challenge. Another is teetering on submission – a heart story inspired by my other young son.

I’m hopeful that despite my frazzled start, 2011 will be just as rewarding.

You can read more about (Inter)National Picture Book Writing Month here on Paula Yoo‘s blog. Paula co-ordinates the event, which is now going strong worldwide. Huge thanks to Paula for getting us all writing – and connecting children’s authors around the globe.

If you’re taking part in 2011, write well and enjoy! You can do it!

And now I must get back to my story(ies) for today. Thus far six starts – but nothing has grabbed me… yet!

Are you taking part in WriWee? How did you approach the week? I’d love to hear.


    • Do it. Do it. Do it. 🙂 (That’s positive peer pressure.)

      Write the story first, while you have some time, and then sign up. It’s not too late! I’ll be cheering for you.


  1. I’m afraid I’m on the sidelines cheering too. Good luck to you all! I’m too involved in my current WIP to leave it and don’t have time to do both with my parents arriving from England tonight 🙂
    I promise to do it next year.


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