Mud in the Mail

What a delight to open a large (gianormous!) and very mysterious cardboard flatpack recently and discover…

Smiling happy faces from Forest Hill State School. THEY made ME smile! (See the rabbit finger puppet?)

Look at their colourful cows! I'd love some like these on our farm.

Thankyou to the children and staff of Forest Hill State School for brightening my Easter with your wonderful work. Have great fun learning and creating in Term Two.


You can download your own ‘This is the Mud!’ colouring page here. ->  This is the Mud! Cover Colour



  1. Hi Kat,
    Thanks. So glad we made you smile after all the smiles you’ve given us! They are a great bunch of kids – some are still only 4! They make me smile everyday and help me to remember why I do what I do. Some of the kids who live on farms have taken your book home to show mum and dad. I think they have all fallen in love with the illustration of the cheeky cow hanging in the air eating her cud whilst there is so much chaos going on around her!


  2. I loved the experimental writing on some of the pages, Jenny. Some have so much to say! I tried to show it on the one on the bottom left – while also fitting all the pics in.

    I was surprised by joy when your parcel arrived. 😀

    Thankyou. xx


  3. That’s wonderful Kat and Landen’s teacher was thrilled with your book, they referred to it all week during mud week. Thanks so much!


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