World Read Aloud Day & Kat on ABC Radio

Wednesday (9 March) is World Read Aloud Day – and I encourage you all to read aloud with expression and enthusiasm. Read with your children. Read with your pets. Read to yourself. Read poetry. Read stories. Read facts and opinions. Read. Read. READ. There is beauty in hearing the written word spoken out loud.

Literacy is so important for our kids and reading with our children is vital, so find books that are fun and entertaining, and sit and read with your children.

On Monday I was interviewed on ABC Radio (Wide Bay) by Jodie van der Wetering in the lead up to World Read Aloud Day – about what got me writing children’s picture books, and the importance of identity in our stories.

You can listen to the interview here: Audio Link

Or you can read it here: ABC WideBay interview.

Cuddle up with your kids and a book for World Read Aloud Day – and every other day. It will be THE BEST part of your day!

* World Read Aloud Day info and registrations



  1. Isn’t every day Read Aloud Day? We read several books a day to our little guy. With buckets of enthusiasm and truckloads of expression. And voices, you have do the voices.


  2. Finally crawled out from under my rock and listened to your interview. I really enjoyed the interview. It was really interesting was hearing your voice. It added one more layer of closeness.

    I really agree with you that every child needs to see themselves in some of the stories they read.


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