Australia Day 2011

Four out of five posts are poetry this month. Wow! There is a reason for this… I’m just completing my Month of Poetry – a poem a day for the month of January. (Which has been fantabulous, btw.)

Here is a two-part poem from our Australia Day celebrations. It was beaut!


Rustic Relaxation

Australia Day Eve
as the air cooled
boys kindled flames
to sizzle snags*
on open fire.

As they fanned the flames
I mixed flour and water
with a pinch of salt
to create a moist
dough – sticky to fingers
but perfect for shaping into
our family fave;
damper^ on a stick.

Stop. Relax. Enjoy life.

The sun fell from the sky
as we chatted
nudging snags
and twirling damper sticks;
drizzling syrup
into warm doughy centre;
simple fare
of sausage and sauce,
syrup and damper;
the simple things sampled at leisure.

Salty Sand & Surf

to Australia Day

We planned a morning on the beach
with friends –
sand, salt, sunscreen and surf;
the simple things sampled at leisure…

Is anything better than
iced coffee with friends
in a shady nook
on a glorious sandy surf beach,
as kids cavort on
bright boogie boards…
chippie sandwich
with gravy
or sauce
and friends…
fishing with bare hands
for zebra fish
and crayfish darting
in a nearby stream…

The morning grew
into the day,
as more friends arrived
and we sun-screened
and surfed,
some more.
Over and over
kids crested waves that
cast them, like flotsam
on the shore;
gorgeous grins
and glowing skins;
the simple things sampled at leisure.

Tumbling, churning and burning;
blending words into stories
as sea breezes caught at hair
teasing tendrils and loosening cares…
we sigh, stretch,
and smile…

Australia Day –
and at last we have captured
our summer holiday.
After record rains, webbed feet,
floods, fears and tears
we are;

* sausages
^ scone cooked on campfire. Refer to previous post.



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