Picture Book Idea Month 2010 – Wrapping it up!

Picture Book Idea Month draws to a close – and what a month it has been. I never expected it to be easy, and sometimes it wasn’t. But it has been worth it. Satisfying.

There were a couple of times when I put it of, put it off and put it off ALL day – and then at 11:45pm I would in desperation go chase that idea – and find it! It continued to amaze me each time I caught it.

My best day was on the 27th, when I had 6 ideas in the one day! Funny – because my worst day was the 26th – when my head was pounding with life crowding in and I just didn’t have the energy to chase a PB idea. Worse. When I finally caught a whisker of an idea, I thought I’d remember it… and write it down later… but then promptly forgot it! Completely. (It was one of those days…)

So, at the end of November, I can report that I DID find a picture book idea every day. And some days I had more than one idea. In total I found 44 short bursts of inspiration that may never amount to anything – or may continue to float and swirl within my imagination, and one day write themselves onto the page as a new PB. The exercise and the discipline has been valuable and I am glad I responded to the challenge.

Flowers for Tara!


Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Tara Lazar, for sharing her dream with us, and letting us jump on board the PiBoIdMo monster. Your blog posts have been brilliant and will stand as a resource for PB writers/illustrators long after PiBoIdMo 2010 is finished. As will the wonderful friendships that have formed and stengthened through the challenge. Thankyou for inviting us all to take part. And for your work in organising inspirational speakers, twibbons, graphics, giveaways… everything! I sincerely hope that you too have your 30 PB ideas – and that each and every one is a treasure for you.


  1. Congratulations on your finish! We still have one day left over here. I’m glad you encouraged me to sign up. It was more difficult, but also more rewarding, than I expected it to be. With 30 little ideas squirreled away, it will certainly be hard to use the excuse, “I have nothing to write about.” 🙂


      • Kat, now that it’s over I don’t know how I did it, either. 44 pb ideas, a novel well underway (major editing required) through 50265 words for NaNo, plus I completed compiling a newsletter I publish and got that mailed out (snail mail). November was a busy writing month! It was fun, though, and a month in which I learned much. I’m very grateful for it, and for the creative and inspiring people I met .. such as yourself. But — I will admit — I am so tired now! 🙂 Time for a long nap.


  2. Congrats on finishing Kat! 44 ideas is amazing. I have finished with 31 and I have to admit it was tough at times. But I’m glad I did it. It’s nice to have a stockpile of potential stories to work on.


  3. I feel like a bit of a failure as I only had 12 in the end. Most of these are good, though (at least I hope). And another idea was given to me by our terrific children’s librarian.

    Yay for you – must feel wonderful!


    • No way! You shouldn’t feel like a failure at all, Karen – especially if most of your ideas are good!! That’s much more than I can say. 12 good ideas in one month is excellent. Yay for YOU!


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