QWW – Day Three

Here’s an extract of my Day Three poem, writing one poem a day on my verse novel for Queensland Writers Week. But don’t be fooled… I’m not writing the poems in sequential order. Oh no… That’s not the way I do things! 😉

    In her eyes
    I see hopes
    and dreams
    and she
    in me.

Aside from developing six new poems (thus far – though I’m hitting a slow-down to one-a-day with busy-ness taking over) it’s also been satisfying to tweak some of the existing poems and rearrange their position in the sequence… feel them click into (right) place. Almost like haiku… Aha!

I can feel the book taking shape, and I like!



    • Catherine, I googled Zorgamazoo after your comment – and read an excerpt. Wow! The time it must have taken him!! My verse novel isn’t going to be rhymed – though I confess I have always had a dream to write a short rhymed novel. But a collection of poems – not one long story like in Zorgamazoo. Who’d have thought that was possible? Thanks for sharing!


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