This is JJ & This is the Mud!

Gotta love this little guy. Seems like we share a favourite book…

.5 October @KarenCollum tweeted:

1)  Put JJ to bed & he said, ‘mummy read cow story?’ Guess whose book he was talking about @KatApel?? #thisisthemud

2)  I was surprised – came out of the blue. Should’ve seen his face when I got the book. Was very proud of me for getting it right LOL

6 October @KarenCollum tweeted:

1)  Today’s joy: JJ has gone to bed with his ‘cow story’ (aka #thisisthemud) & is sleeping with it in his hand. @KatApel

2)  JJ & his favourite book. Just for @KatApel 🙂

.3)  It’s so cute to hear him talk about it. ‘Cow got stuck in mud.’ Def a huge hit for Mr JJ 🙂

Yep! We sure do have the same favourite book.

(Thanks to @KarenCollum for telling the world – and letting me put this on my blog. :P)


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