D-Day … for Decisions

I am not good at making decisions, but today I had to find a worthy winner for the signed copy of This is the Mud!

There could have been numerous worthy winners (I know! Because I enlisted the help of the males in my family – and they all found a different one…) but you will be pleased to know that we did make a decision…

And the winner is…

Nic, who said:

We loved it!!! I said to my 3.5yr old daughter as we were watching Playschool that we would have to go and see it we can find “This is the mud!” in the book shop!!!

Having grown up in the country on a dairy farm I could completely relate to the story… I have vivid memories of getting stuck in the mud with my brother when were were kids… We would just walk out of our stuck gumboots through the mud in our socks and wait for mum and dad to retrieve them!!!! As a mum of 2 I now understand why mum always used to say don’t walk around in your white socks ;-)
And we too had a few cows get stuck in the mud over the years!!!

Thanks for a wonderful book and for bringing back childhood memories…

Thankyou everyone for leaving your comments. Nic, I trust you and your two enjoy special moments with This is the Mud!

I can sympathise with the socks comment, btw. But I’m a bit stricter than you. In our house you don’t walk around in ANY socks. (Unless you’ve got shoes on, of course!)


One comment

  1. THANKYOU SO much for picking us to win….
    We are so excited to win a copy of This is the mud… I can’t wait to read it over and over again to the girls as I am sure its going to be a favourite…

    Thanks again


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