Muddy Marvellous Play School FUN!

Wow, wow and WOW! Yesterday was a blast – from start to finish and everything in between.

I went in to watch Play School with the school kids in Prep to Yr 4. (Hubby came too and we took our boys out of class for the big reading.) We had about 60 little Prep to Yr4 kids in the room (& 10 adults) and we were engrossed in the Play School show – with a bit of chatter and laughter at stages…

Then we saw the clock…

and the ute…



(It was not intentional that my outfit should match Justine’s.)

Hubby clacked photos… I smiled (too much!)… and watched TV… and kids… and tried to cram a kaleidoscope of memories into my mind… and then smiled even more.

One of our Superkids delighted me with her gorgeous exclamation;.

Did you make TWO of those books?


But other than that, there was rapt silence. Justine’s reading was wonderful, with lots of rumbly-grumbly vehicle noises, and plaintive cow Moooos. (But to be honest, I only know this because I watched a repeat performance. At the time it passed in a blur.)

The book closed to a spontaneous eruption of cheers and clapping from delighted students and adults. And bigger bigger BIGGER grins from all of us!

Then home to Twitter gone crazy with friends exhorting their followers to ‘switch on your TV now’… and email friends doing the same. I do so LOVE the way friends get behind and share the good news. As I have loved the phone calls, emails, blog comments and tweets.  It was a delight to share another muddy day with everyone. Thankyou.

Mud, mud, GLORIOUS MUD! 😀

Don’t forget:  You still have until Saturday midnight to post a comment and be in with a chance to win your own signed copy of ‘This is the Mud!’. Details here.



  1. I know, I know… we both have great taste in colours… (Must be a blonde thing.)

    You were quick to slip in with your comment. And thanks for your congratulations – Play School sister. 😉


  2. Piper absolutely loved ‘the mud book’ on her ‘making show.’. Thank you to Joan for taping a copy for us. We are up to our third time of watching not just the important bit but the whole playschool show. And the classic question is ‘How come it is still Wednesday.’ and when we say its not she comes back with ‘The lady on playschool said so.’ Thank you Mrs Apel!!!


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