Announcing the Winner – Fangus Fearbottom

Today I welcome Sheryl Gwyther back to my blog. And today she’s brought a special friend with her. Hello Sheryl – and welcome Fangus Fearbottom.

Well, here we are on the day of Princess Clown‘s book launch – tonight my friends, family and I will be having a party to celebrate.

But the first thing I had to do this morning was choose a winner of the Fangus Fearbottom competition. It was very difficult to do because there were so many good suggestions, and lots of funny ones that tickled Fangus’s funny-bone.

In the end, Fangus and I had to choose a winner.

And the Winner is: HARRIET CRAWFORD-CLERKE for her suggestion that ‘Fangus could be so hungry for bananas he gets his fangs caught up in a banana tree’. I thought to myself, that’s the sort of thing Fangus would do!

Then we decided to find a Runner-up as well and give that entry the chance to have his/her name as another character in Fangus Fearbottom’s story when it’s written.

I said to Fangus, “Okay what happens now? There are lots of good entries here.” He suggested we ‘Spin the Banana’. So that’s what we did.

And the Runner-up: JOSHUA (from the PREP 1/2 Superkids) for his suggestion that ‘Fangus could put big bananas hanging down in his mouth and pretend they are vampire teeth.’  Fangus immediately went to try it and stuck them over his own teeth. Can you imagine it?

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. Fangus and I hope you had fun thinking of funny and crazy things for him to do. It might take a while to happen but keep an eye open for the Fangus stories appearing in your library one day.

Bananas rule forever!!

Sorry, that was Fangus taking over my computer. Goodbye from me, Sheryl  🙂 and goodbye from Fangus 😛

Thanks Sheryl, for your fun competition and great prize. And Fangus, for sharing your story and helping to choose the winners. I am sure that Harriet and Joshua will be delighted to read of their success. Maybe they’ll even crack a banana with you in celebration!

Enjoy your Princess Crown launch party tonight, Sheryl… And keep all those juggling balls in the air – not in the soufflé.



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