Mud Mud Mud

Well, the dozing dozer is awake and running again – though not without drama. (Read the first instalment here.)

It was a convoluted process requiring the help of ‘the neighbour’ – but not his tractor and plough!

In the end, hubby had to drop the 2 tonne blade off the machine (which also released a lot of mud that had been backed up behind the blade) and use a large log, attached to the tracks, to walk it out.

.Can you spot the blade?

(If you can, you’re doing better than me – it’s sunk below the quagmire.)…….

.This is the neighbour…

(You remember? He was in ‘the book’ too.)…….

Looks and sounds simple – right? In truth, it took another 2 days to achieve it! And an estimated 200km driving up and down the road when chains and shifters broke (or tractors bogged as on Day One)..

For all of hubby’s hard work and determination, I really DO think I need to reward him with another muddy picture book. 😉 You think?


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