MORE Muddy Mud – on Play School

For those of you who are wondering, the REAL ‘This is the Mud!’
(as opposed to hubby playing in the mud – again!)
will be read on ABC Play School NEXT WEEK!

On Wednesday, 21 July at 9.30 am (or thereabouts) my eyes will be glued to ABC 1 and I’ll be straining to hear above the frantic thundering of my little heart – not to mention the murmur of the almost equally excited students gathered around me! Because where else would I be when my story is read on Play School, but at school with my (part-time) class of Prep/1/2 Superkids and my own two sons? Even hubby will be at school that day!

I can’t promise I will be glued to my seat… but I’ll be there – pacing and panicking, jiggling off my jitters – and thankful that there’s no TV camera on ME!

And for my overseas friends, yes, I think you can see it online.

1.  Go to;
2. Click on the blue ‘ABC1’ in the top right-hand corner
3. Scroll to find the 9:30am Play School
4. Click on… ‘9:30 Wednesday, July 21’

(After the show, of course.)

Hope you can ALL see it, wherever you are! I would LOVE to hear your reactions! (I’ll make a special post that day, so please do come and share the excitement. :D)

Woot! I’m counting down…

** You can check out the week’s Play School viewing here. Click on the ‘Wednesday’ tab. **



  1. Hi there,
    Congratulations on your book!
    Just one thing I feel compelled to point out, is the cover.
    Did no one notice the cow’s backside? That is a really bad angle of the cow’s back end, my eyes are drawn to it each time I look at the cover shot.


  2. Thanks for visiting, Casey. I have to admit that angle was part of the charm. But more than the udderly beautiful rearview, I saw the cow’s forlorn face and fell in love. Look at those eyes!


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