Guest Author and Giveaway: What’s in a Name?


Children’s author, Sheryl Gwyther, is visiting my blog today as a part of her Princess Clown blog tour.

(You can read a child’s review of her book here – or order your copy here.)

Sheryl’s been very busy on this blog tour, so I asked if there was any way that we could take the pressure off – and do some of the work for her.

Here is how YOU can help. You may just win an awsome prize while you’re at it.

Over to you, Sheryl…



Writing Princess Clown – how Belle jumped onto the page.

Most times when I start to write a story, the first thing that pops out of my head is a vague plot idea, and usually tagging along beside it is the main character.

With Princess Clown, I tried something different. It started as a challenge – to write a chapter book using two words that clashed. Hence clown and princess.

The story flowed between character and plot very quickly after that – Belle is a princess who wants more than anything to be a clown – but one major problem stands in her way. She is the heir to the throne and a princess can never be a clown, can she?

Princess Clown is available from Blake Publishing. It might even be in your library already.

I’m writing my next story as you read this blog. It’s called Fangus Fearbottom.

Fangus Fearbottom started with two words chosen randomly– banana and fang. I could have written a story about a banana with fangs, but that didn’t get my imagination jumping. Then I thought of something with fangs that ate bananas. Gorilla? Snake? Tiger? Monkey? They all have fangs, but they didn’t get my imagination jumping either.

Then I thought of vampire. That’s when a young vampire called Fangus Fearbottom jumped into my head and demanded to be in my story. He was my story.

I’m having lots of fun writing Fangus’ story – it keeps making me laugh.


To help Sheryl celebrate the launch of Princess Clown, we’re giving YOU the chance to win TWO great prizes:

  • a copy of Princess Clown, and
  • the chance to share your name with one of the characters in Fangus Fearbottom. (Yes, one of the characters in Fangus Fearbottom will be named after YOU! First names only, of course.)

Here’s what you have to do…

1.  Read the Blurb: “Fangus Fearbottom, a 9 (going-on-120) year-old vampire has many problems in his life. His younger sister is as annoying as a mozzie in a dark room; his grannie keeps hiding her false-fangs under his bed and his mother and father are terrified someone will find out about his awful secret – that Fangus prefers eating bananas to drinking blood. Will Fangus’ secret be discovered? What happens next?”

2.  Complete the Task: Think of as many funny, adventurous, silly (no slipping on banana skins, please!), scary, sad, interesting things that could possibly happen to Fangus Fearbottom because of his secret love of bananas. You don’t have to write the story – just come up with some creative things that Fangus Fearbottom could do… and list them briefly.

3.  Submit your ideas: By posting a comment to this blog. Don’t forget to include your first name – and complete the email contact box when posting your comment. (You can enter as many times as you like.)  Competition closes:  8pmAEST, Thurday, 15 July.

4.  Check back: On Friday, 16 July – the day of Princess Clown’s book launch – to see if you have won! The winner will be announced here and on Sheryl’s blog (


Blog Tour Dates:

06 July 2010
Dee White –

07 July 2010
Alphabet Soup magazine –

08 July 2010
Robyn Opie –

09 July 2010
Catriona Hoy –

10 July 2010
Kat Apel –

11 July 2010
Sheryl Gwyther –

12 July 2010
Sandy Fussell –

13 July 2010
Sally Murphy –

14 July 2010
Claire Saxby –

15 July 2010
Mabel Kaplan –

16 July 2010 Launch Day: Announcing the Winner!
Kat Apel –
Sheryl Gwyther –


  1. Enjoyed the post, Kat and Sheryl.

    Perhaps Fangus Fearbottom (love his name by the way) could be caught stealing bananas and get chimpnapped by a family of chimpanzees.



  2. It’s been a pleasure having you, Sheryl. I look forward to you dropping back in briefly on Friday – in amongst all your launch excitement!

    There’s been heaps of visitors to the site today. I hope that means they’re planning their entries…

    Thanks for commenting, Dee & Jennifer. Watch out for those chimpnappers. 🙂


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  4. Hey Kat and Sheryl

    Late! Late! But here… love that you started this book with the 2 most different words and ran with it from there. Can’t wait to see the book in print in my grubby hands.

    Congratulations again – and good luck at your launch!

    Bye 4 now


  5. Fangus could be so hungry for bananas that he gets his fangs caught in a banana tree.

    The children at school think he is going to bite their necks, but instead he bit their bananas.


  6. Yay Harriet – you’re the first child to enter our competition. Great stuff! Love your ideas, too. I am imagining poor dangling Fangus with his fangs stuck in the banana tree.


  7. His tongue could go banana yellow and white and he could draw an angry face on to show his parents when he puts his tongue out. (Jackson)

    He makes wings so can fly to get bananas from the tree – but he falls down into a bunch of bananas. (Jasmine)

    He could dress up like a monkey and eat bananas and everyone thinks he really is a monkey. (Mack)

    He gets sore teeth and the banana makes it better. (Amber)

    He may not like blood – he’s worried his fangs will get stuck. He even eats the banana peels! (Chloe)

    He climbs a tree and gets stuck. Someone says ‘you’re not a vampire bat – you’re fruit bat.’ (Jackson)

    He could put big bananas hanging down in his mouth and pretend they are vampire teeth. (Joshua)


  8. Brock – Fangus’ father secretly puts small amounts of blood in his stash of bananas so he would slowly get used to blood.

    Jesse- Fangus fights monkeys for their bananas, just so he can have one.

    Jake S- Fangus begins seeing people as bananas because he is so obsessed with bananas.

    Trae T- Bananas become afraid of Fangus.

    Hayley- Bananas come alive and acare Fangus out of loving bananas.

    Joel- Fangus hallucinates about bananas. He keeps seeing them everywhere.

    Khiah- Bananas haunt his dreams.

    Issac- He hides banana skins under his bed and Grammie finds them when she looks for her false-fangs.

    Evelyn- He bribes a friend to give him a supply of bananas.

    Mrs Dahl- Fangus may become allergic to bananas and develop yellow spots as a reaction to his allergy.

    Sam- Fangus steals bananas- he goes on night raids of banana plantations.

    Tyson- Fangus’ parents cast a spell on Fangus.

    Blair- Fangus’ parents cast a spell on Fangus to rid him of his love of bananas.


  9. Maybe Fangus also ate banana lollies and ate so many he had to go to the dentist because he got holes in his fangs.


  10. (Chloe) Fangus can’t get blood because everyone keeps running away from him because they know he is a vampire – so he eats bananas instead.

    (Zahlie) He flies to the bananas and stores them in his room for later – but his Mum finds out. “You’re sending me bananas!” When his mum finds out he’s eating bananas she tries one too – and like them! She wants to eat them too.

    (Jasmine) Fangus’ Mum and Dad let him eat all the bananas off the tree – and he does. But then he feels sick and doesn’t want to eat them again.


  11. He might turn into a banana for a while, then when he is not a banana any more he might find a girl vampire that likes pears.


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