This is the Mud! (again)

We have been living a bit of ‘This is the Mud!’ here today.

(We even had young KitKat himself bogged waist deep in mud… Don’t ask me how!).


This is the dozer that clattered ker-THUD,

as it lurched and it slurped sinking deep in the mud.


Oh! You don’t remember that bit in the book? That’s because I never wrote it – until today.

Today there was no dozer to rescue the cow (who has obviously learnt her lesson and wasn’t even stuck!) because today… the dozer was stuck!

Unfortunately, the biggest tractor that waded in for the rescue was soon… stuck too!

So after a loooooooong drive across bumpy paddocks to the furthest part of the property (or so it seemed) we got a littler tractor to free the big tractor to get to work on the dozing dozer.

……….Three hours later, the dozer had sunk deeper…

and deeper…

…and deeper into slumber.………

……….But hubby would not be beaten! He tried chains, branches and logs…

…and a stylish off-sider.

He even tried two tractors!

But in the end he had to leave the dozer dozing, as happy as a digger in mud…

(You can read more here.)


  1. I wasn’t actually dressed for photos today – but I had to put vanity aside and include that one. (KitKat is lucky I was at the wheel when he was bogged or he’d have been snapped to!)

    Funny little bogholes. You just fall into them in the middle of the grassy paddock. No warning.


  2. You were certainly in the thick of it weren’t you? Pretty sloshy down here today too, but I have a feeling (from seeing your attire) that it was A LOT COLDER down here.

    Hope the dozer has a peaceful doze and that all is sorted out in your muddy neck of the woods tomorrow:-)


  3. We do have the occasional dull day here, Tina.

    Now there’s an idea, Rebecca. Kids would love it!

    Just as well we were a bit warmer here then, Dee – since youngest was running around half wet after his personal stuck-in-the-mud.


  4. I love the way you link your stories to real life, it’s a great thing for kids to see the connection. My kids would love to live on a farm. I thoroughly love my memories of being brought up on my grandparents farm during the school holidays…


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