Book Review: Princess Clown

On Saturday I have a special blog with guest author Sheryl Gwyther, as a part of her Princess Clown blog tour.

But yesterday, when I went to read my copy of Princess Clown, it had disappeared! KitKat had picked it up and was curled in a comfy spot, reading. He later returned the goods, with the comment, “Here’s your funny book.”

Which made me think – he could be a good candidate for a book review. Here’s what he had to say;

I like Princess Clown because it shows that you can be two things at the same time and it is okay to be different. We all aren’t the same. This book isn’t for my age, but it was good and funny anyway!!!!

Check back on Saturday to hear how author Sheryl Gwyther got the idea for this book – and for your chance to win your very own copy of Princess Clown.


  1. Hey Kat

    Isn’t it so strange how our sons would read toilet paper if it had words on it! Mine does that too – I get any kids book in and my oldest will read it, be it a picture book, or a YA novel, he wants to read it first up!

    Guess I shouldn’t complain – at least he is reading!

    Bye 4 now
    PS WIll try pop back on Saturday again to say hi ya to Sheryl then.


    • You get the prize for the quickest comment! Super-dooper fast.

      Our eldest has always always always loved books. Youngest (who wrote this review) took longer to discover their worth – but we frequently find him buried in the pages of a good book now.

      ‘Tis a good thing!

      Look forward to seeing you Saturday.


  2. I liked the review. KitKat has great taste. I’d also like to say how I like the picture of the lorikeet and budgie in your header. Very nicely done!


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