There’s a Bear in There…

I have a secret that is burbling and bubbling excitedly inside me. And the beautiful thing is… I don’t have to keep it a secret any longer! (Listen. Can you guess?)

Next month (July)…

on a Wednesday morning…

at 9:30am…

on ABC1…


…There are people with games… and stories to tell…

‘This is the Mud!’ will be creating muck, mess and muddy mahem on national television… on Play School!

How amazing is that?!?!

I will let you know more details as they come to hand, but for now, I am LOVING the fact that I can tell people. Because it seems that everyone has fond memories of Play School. And it’s not just me who is a little bit excited by the news.



I am happier than a cow in mud!


…Open wide, come inside, it′s Play School!


Hope you can join the fun of the rollicking read next month.


  1. Heeheee… So I’m not the only one who is excited? So glad!

    Thanks so much for sharing the fun. Look forward to sharing the day with you – scattered wherever we are.

    (Love it Jackie – udderly awesome! :))


  2. Oh, splendiferous, Kathryn! Erin(4) and Dermot(2)will LOVE that, especially having their own copy in front of them. Is the 3pm show a repeat of the 9.30am one on the same day?


  3. How exciting! Both my kids love Playschool, so we’ll be watching it when it airs (as long as I’m not working of course – but my kids will still get to watch it).


  4. Such fantastic news. Congratulations Kat. Can’t wait to see it. I wonder if it will show on ABC2 as well? Do they run the same program in the pm, that was shown in the am on ABC1? I will have to check and let you know.


  5. LOVING the fun of all these comments. Thankyou!!! xxx

    Margaret & Belinda – the morning show is different to the afternoon. So it will have to be the morning one. I will post again with more details when they come to hand. (They have a 6mth timetable of topics on the Play School site – but it’s only up until June. No July presenters/themes yet.)


  6. WOW WOW WOW! Well done ! I think that means you make CLASSIC status! :))
    Can you post the clip? I will be working at the Museum that day…..
    Very best


  7. Somebody needs to keep a cool head midst all this hysteria – but then, why shouldn’t Dad get excited too! Great news, I’ll really get excited about my Playschool time on that day.


  8. I hope the presenter’s wipe their hands after reading the muddy book…
    WOW! I never knew that my Mum would get a book read on TV.


  9. Wow! Huge achievement. Both Mum AND Dad have posted comments on my blog. *Grinning!* Must be exciting. (This is a first – for both of them. Aren’t they clever?) And yes, I can see you have a really cool head, Dad.


  10. Congratulations Kathryn! Heard of this great news. I will be sure to tune with my boys, Monty and Hamish, for a very special episode of one of their favourite shows. All the best.


  11. Congratulations Kathryn! I am going to watch it. Play school was my favourite show. I wonder if Colin will read it? You are getting the recognition you deserve. I am proud of you. Love Shazx


  12. In other mixed-media news… (It has been an exciting week!)

    My poem ‘Big Blue Whale’ will be included in an audio CD produced by Learning Media, to be distributed to New Zealand and Pacific Island school children. (The poem has been published in the NSW School Mag, the Junior Journal print mag and now this!)



  13. My Piper will be waiting and if she misses the ‘stuck in the mud’ book she will be disappointed. One of her favourite books on her favourite ‘making’ show.


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