Literacy Lava’s 1st Birthday Eruptions

Since June 2009 I have been spreading the word amongst teaching peers, friends and family about a top class mag that is passionate about the literacy of our kids. Literacy Lava gives practical ways to foster literacy in kids – beaut activities that also enhance adult/child relationships. I love it!

1 June will see the unveiling of Literacy Lava 5 – a 1st birthday edition. You’ll find ideas for helping kids develop spelling skills, ways to pair fiction and non-fiction read-alouds, ideas for letter writing with your kids, graphic novels as real reading, how to unwrap a picture book, tips for a loving bed-time story ritual, how to help your video-loving kid to love reading too, and all about encouraging kids to write poetry. (I was quietly chuffed when Book Chook asked me to write that one.) There’s also an Online Extras page, and an Activity page for kids.

From 1 June, you can download your FREE copy at Book Chook’s site. Check out previous editions while you’re there! And spread the word to parents, educators and child-care workers.

Literacy really IS the key to lifelong learning.



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