NaPiBoWriWee Update Day 4

You know that #NaPiBoWriWee – (Inter)National Picture Book Writing Week – that I signed up for? Well… I have just bagged my fourth story, and I’m passed half way. Hurray!

I almost couldn’t have chosen a busier week if I tried. Seems like I’ve been writing into the night a lot.

Day One: Sentimental story about a boy and his chook. Inspired by a complilation of my boys’ quotes that I found in the week prior to NaPiBoWriWee. (What a boon that was.) The story is finished – but by no means right! (This after I pondered for 6hrs over one point before I could move on.) I think with this one, reality was getting in the way of creativity.

Day Two: Ha! We were busily away this entire day, so I didn’t even start to write until 10:30pm – when I was exhausted! At that hour I resorted to silliness in rhyme – but, ummm… I like it.

Day Three: Another unrhymed sentimental story about love, inspired by my boys’ quotes. Again – finished but soooo much work still to go on it. Hope I get this right, because it’s very close to my heart.

Day Four: Totally out of the box, this one was inspired by a twitter tweet about a snake in my shed. Well – two snakes actually. It’s another fun rhyming story and thankfully, quick to write, since I didn’t begin this until 5:30 tonight. (About when tea prep was cranking up.)


I have learnt a couple of things during these four days of #NaPiBoWriWee.

1. I am a finicky writer. I like to tweak and twist and perfect my first draft. I don’t just pour ideas onto the page and move on – I like them formed before they’re committed and I write, rewrite and write it again (and again)Β before I attack the next bit. I think that’s why I’ve struggled with Day One and Three – because I wasn’t ready to move on in the story (let alone finish it!) – but the clock was running down!

2. I am confident in the rhyming genre because it moves a story along (often into places I haven’t anticipated) and there is a point where you know you’ve got it right. (And all other points where you know you haven’t – so you have to keep at it!)

I don’t carry that confidence of knowing into my unrhymed PBs and I’m wondering how I’ll know when those unrhymed stories are ‘right’…

I guess I don’t have to worry about that for another four days – at which point I strongly suspect I’ll crash in a heap for a week!


  1. Congratulations on “bagging” Day 4! It’s early in the morning here, so it’s still a blank page for me.

    Your points about how you write are very interesting. I’ll have to put some thought into that myself as the week goes on. I totally get your point about rhyming though. It provides a structure, and it’s fairly easy to see where things are working/not working. Prose is just so open-ended. Yet, I’ve been using this week as an opportunity to experiment with it more. So far, only one of my stories is rhyming.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!


  2. Congrats on getting so much accomplished so far. I’m with you on this being a busy week. I took the weekend for granted. Day job ate my brain Monday, and I only got half way through story #3 last night (I couldn’t resist #pblitchat). I’ll wrap #3 up this morning.

    Not sure which story to tackle next. One needs some research into Polar Bears, the other a little physics problem solving (it takes place on the moon) that I’m passing on to my nephew.

    I thought picture books were easy?


  3. I agree totally, Julie. I have visions of me polishing these two unrhymed PBs for… years! (By then I’ll have taken the gloss right off them, for sure.) Hope you fill that blank page with beautiful words today. πŸ™‚

    I’m laughing Jim – easy picture books indeed. As a teacher and Mum of 2 scientific boys I’m very keen to see you do that physics story! πŸ˜‰ #pblitchat was full-on busy and packed with great info! Glad you could make it – though sorry it cost you half your story.


  4. You make some great points about knowing when you’ve got it right and when you haven’t with a story. It is really irksome seeing those not-quite-rights and just letting them just sit there, isn’t it!? I find that too. Thankfully, I am finding that the reward of having a rough and ready storyline at the end of the PiBo day balances out the frustration of having a less-than-perfect text… for now!
    Good luck!


  5. Well done you, Kat, and everyone else on this challenge! I am struggling with the one pb I am writing at the moment.



  6. Never you fear, Angela. These PBs may be ‘finished’ but there is plenty more fight in them yet. Far from completed.

    Wishing you well – and thanks for visiting. πŸ™‚


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