NaPiBoWriWee – What?!

I am getting a little bit anxious… a little bit jittery-nervous… a little bit worried…

Just 2 more sleeps, and I will be throwing myself into a 7-day writing frenzy – and I don’t know what I want to write!!!

Last month I was so excited about the prospect of NaPiBoWriWee that I flicked my hat into the ring with zest and anticipation. Seven days of intense picture book writing – a picture book a day for the first seven days of May… What FUN! 

(What productivity.)

.NaPiBoWriWee is short (ummm…. well – sorta short) for National Picture Book Writing Week. It’s Paula Yoo’s answer to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for picture books. It’s something I know I will love – but it’s also something I know I need headspace to do. And right at this moment my head seems to be crammed full of other things.

My boys’ training… music… homework… leisure… life… housework… dinner… clutter… conversations… teaching… talking… friends…

Lots of GOOD stuff – but at such a frenzied pace it’s spun my ideas into chaos! Flipped from

With two more sleeps until NaPiBoWriWee I am now at panic stations. 

Maybe this is where I should hold out my hat and beg for picture book ideas, please.




  1. Bet you love it. I think you should write about ‘boys’ training… music… homework… leisure… life… housework… dinner… clutter… conversations… teaching… talking… friends…’
    Good luck!


  2. Ah… ideas! Thankyou. Thankyou…

    You’re right – I do love just about everything I do – which is why I do so much of it and run right out of time!

    And there’s definitely writing in all those topics – though maybe not many PBs. 🙂


  3. Kat – I am shaking in my shoes right now. I had hoped to do a great deal more prep, but instead I’m spending this week getting rid of physical clutter in my house. At least I don’t have too much time to get nervous – until Saturday!! 🙂


  4. Atleast you can relax and write, now that you’ve dealt with your clutter, Julie! (I too have had a spring clean this week – though not as full-scale as yours.)

    Okay – I must away. It is now 1st May – and I have a story to write! And so do you! So many ideas, I am pleased to say…


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