Guest Author Monday – Catriona Hoy

On Monday, Catriona Hoy, author of many books including the new-release ‘Puggle’, will be visiting my blog. We’ll talk about juggling different roles – and how her science teaching background has impacted on her writing.

Drop back in Monday to read all about it!

Meanwhile, you can catch Cat’s other stops along the blog tour at these links:

See you Monday!



  1. Very interesting interview – thank you both!
    Yes, it is a juggle when you are blessed with wonderful kids! With five kids, I used to sit up nights to write. Passion for words drives you through the night. Passion for family keeps you focussed during the day.


  2. Great interview! Although at first I was confused because in the U.S. a Puggle is a dog breed that’s a mix between a beagle and a pug – lol.

    Anyway, I love reading about how writers get their ideas and find the time to actually execute them given that we are all, at a minimum, three-headed monsters! 🙂


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