Linger Longer at the Library

I’m still playing around with those spiney poems and even have some WIPs. Crazy, I know. But I’ve found some good combinations, and I want to keep building on them! I’m sure there’s more books in our town library to fit the themes – I just need the time (and the shelf markers) to find them. (And perhaps a few less childish distractions.) But we’re having fun!

With two boys and a bubby niece in tow, this is what we came up with:

Kat - is barking mad?

KitKat's sinister spiney

Katfish - with the help of Splot and Danger Boy.

And just when I’m getting into the Spiney – Scopenotes throws down another challenge! This one looking at the cover images – not the words.

Hmmmm… I find myself tempted to try this…

Note to self: Allow time for extended library visit!



  1. Hey Kat

    You are amazing you know that – who would have thought that a trip to the library could produce those!

    I’m going to get my boys to do some next time we visit the local library and see what they come up with.

    Bye 4 now


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