Name that Vehicle!

My hubby recently bought a new ute. New vehicle means… new number plate. But this one was easy to remember. Katfish had it sorted in a trice; Mad Bad Dad. (MBD)

Which made me think of other memory games we’ve played with vehicles.

Our latest family mover had us stumped for a while – until I linked it to 1 Corinthians 13:8; Love Never Fails. Before that we drove the Hot Groovy Dog. And further back, the EGgPlant.

I can’t remember the number plate for my first beautiful little blue car – but I do know make and model! VK Commodore – Very Kathryn! My parent’s vehicle at the time was a Very Nice (VN) Commodore. (It was our first near-new car AND it had air-conditioning – so it really WAS very nice!)

The number plate for one of my Dad’s more recent Commodores was Eat Your Bacon – appropriate for the pig farmer he was at the time.

Hmmm… I am realising that the numbers don’t actually play much of a part in our ‘number plate’ memorisations. Maybe they should be called ‘name-game plates’ instead.

That would be ‘NGP’, according to Katfish.



  1. Well I’m sure and certain you are NOT a ‘Mad Bad Dad’. 😉

    Oh! KitKat just pointed out the loathsome ‘Smart State’ on that numberplate. Slip up there. We usually opt for ‘Sunshine State’. ‘Smart State’ is just a bit too cheeky, I think. Hmmm…


  2. Congrats on holding the record for so long.

    One of my past cars was an MG Midget. Its letters were TGL, and it was christened by a friend as ‘Taylor’s Girl Lure’. Except it wasn’t. Heather, now my wife for over 25 years, hated it. Shame, because I want another one. MG that is …but not to lure girls.

    Best wishes

    Peter 🙂


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