Man of Few Words

Hubby is not usually a wordsmith, but recently he discovered his own way with words. Our lawn mower broke, and with long grass after all that rain he decided to tackle the task with… the whipper-snipper. Midway through the project he got a little bit creative – and started carving up the lawn with letters!


Posing for the pic... He wore hat and boots when creating for real, btw.

In truth, he was a man of few words – just four in total. And since the lawnmower is still not fixed,  two weeks later our names are still etched in leafy green for passing planes to see. (We have new mower blades now, though, so this may soon change.)

Gorgeous backdrop for his compostion – you think?




  1. Hi Kat

    And I bet your names will still be there in weeks to come…

    Hey – at least he spelt them all right and there are no errors!

    Sounds like you have more fodder for yet another book.

    Bye 4 now


  2. Ha ha ha… Now I really am laughing, Tina – because I wasn’t going to tell, but you’ve caught me out!

    Eldest came running into the house 2hrs after this pic was taken; ‘Dad doesn’t know how to spell your name, Mum – there’s no ‘H’ in Kathryn.’

    I had to inform him that there IS an ‘H’ – so Dad was right, and he was wrong.

    That’s when Katfish clarified. ‘I know how you’re supposed to spell it – but there’s no ‘H’ out there in your name.’

    I was sceptical – because hadn’t I already admired (and photographed) the word of art? But, um…. someone was wrong, and it was not my son.


  3. Soon after Kay and I married we bought our first house. We got friendly with all the families around about and always had their kids at our place, mowing the lawn, washing the Kombi, walking the dog etc. One day one boy from an English family did the front lawn, as a Union Jack, then went home. We had to send his little brother over to bring him back and finish it.

    The classic trick with letters in the lawn is not to do it with the mower, but with fertiliser. The grass soon grows tall and green, so you mow it. A few days later it’s grown again. So you mow it. It takes many weeks to settle down. The normal place for this trick is writing somebody’s name on the lawn in front of the school.

    Tell your kids.


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