Goddess for a Day

Being silly - goddess in the headdress

Despite mizzling drizzling rain we were not captives to floodwaters, and so made the journey to Gladstone to be a part of the Writers Panel for International Women’s Day.

For one day I had the fun and frivolity of being – an everyday goddess. (A banner that the other participants wrestled with too, by the way. We came to the conclusion that an everyday goddess is a busy woman who crams a lot into her day. We could all relate!)

But it was fun to dress up and pretend we were something special! Discovering other authors in the region was a treat. The opportunity to sit and natter – wonderful. And the flowers – gorgeous!

Thankyou to Gladstone Women’s Health for inviting me to be a part of the day. Also to Robyn Sheahan-Bright for chairing the panel and saying so many lovely things!

Kat Apel, Robyn Sheahan-Bright, Linda Taylor, Paulette Flint and Jan Koivunen

My selection of goodies on sale... books and 'The Kat's Whiskers' captioned photo cards.

Misty morn... and afternoon - but no floods!



  1. What great fun. You all look fantastic. Your property looks so beautiful and green! I’m from Mundubbera originally, my parents still live there – they are enjoying the rain!! Have a good evening.


  2. Oooh! Not a Gayndah girl at all, Belinda, but a rival – from Munduberra! 🙂 Kidding… had great friends join us from Munduberra for Yr 11/12. Thanks for your comments. The property is green because we’ve had… 41 INCHES OF RAIN THIS YEAR. (Excuse my exclamation, but I only just calculated the accumulated figured and can’t BELIEVE that!)

    Ha, Linda. Glad I got that pic – though it IS very silly! But had to do the ‘goddess’ thing…


    • Yippee! 41 inches. How fantastic. Mum has had no where near that amount, but are singing and dancing regardless. They live out Riverleigh way. We live Bundy coast and have had 650ml (I think that’s 26inches??? 25ml to an inch, how bad am I!! ahh)
      Yes, a Mundubberaite. I loved high shool at Gayndah, we had such a blast. Mrs McInnes was also my teacher for a while, then I worked for Ian in his rural shop in Mundubbera and the surgery in Gayndah. It’s amazing how you come across people. I was talking to Sandy from the Bundy Writers Club and she passed your name on to me. Life’s circles..
      Enjoy the sun. You should be lying in the sun purring and preening!! hee hee


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