Everyday Goddess

You won’t find me here today. I am out! Invited out. Today, I am…. an Everyday Goddess. (And aren’t I having fun with that!)

I like to think I was asked to speak at the Gladstone event for International Women’s Day because I fulfil the criteria for the day’s theme. Alas, when I am honest, I can see that I only match half the criteria.

I am very ‘everyday’ but not much ‘goddess’.

So… what is an everyday goddess?

That’s exactly what my son wanted to know.

“Weeeeell….” I said, “It’s probably an ordinary person who does extraordinary things.”

Yeeek! Extraordinary things? Errr… Maybe not. Certainly KitKat doesn’t think so.

“Yeah right, Mum!”

“Well, maybe I’m extraordinarily good looking, and extraordinarily talented…” I started.

“And extraordinarily silly!” he finished.

No elusions of grandeur with him around! But that won’t stop me dressing up for the occasion and having some fun with it. I mean – it’s not everyday I’m a goddess. Most days I’m just a dag about the house.

But not today!




  1. Kat, there is nothing ‘everyday’ about you. You are an extraordinary person – and an extraordinary talent. (Don’t listen to what anyone under the age of fifteen has to say on the subject).

    As always, I enjoyed your post.



  2. Hope you had a wonderful day, Kat! What a treat to get dressed up and be treated like a queen 🙂 And I agree with Dee. There’s nothing ‘everyday’ about you.


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