Raining Kats and Cars

A Bus - or a Sub?

There’s a timeless saying for when it’s teeming rain; It’s raining cats and dogs.

Well, I have a new one… It’s raining trucks and utes… and buses!!

Curious Kat

After experiencing our fifth flood in four weeks (previous 15yr record being 2 floods in 2 years) we are noticing a consistency in this. Because it rains, we flood, and our road is littered with vehicles – and travellers! Trucks, trailers, utes, cars, caravans, campervans, and finally a bus! A BIG bus!

Yesterday we wandered and waded through calf-deep water to see this abandoned measure of high rainfall. And the puns were flowing…

Did you know that ‘bus’ spelt backwards is ‘sub’. Short for ‘submarine’, ‘submerged’ and ‘subotage’. (Okay – so I cheated with that one.) But kind of appropriate, given that this particular bus/sub had at one point been sitting in 1 metre of flowing water.

Life is never dull for a curious Kat.

Floodwater fun... The Kat-amaran



  1. So glad I make you smile, Karen. 🙂 I sometimes think I was put on this earth to entertain people, given some of the situations I find myself in. God has obviously got a sense of humour!


  2. Hi there sis.. Glad its you and not me! Lovely wet stuff but I think it’s time it gave us a little break. We’re off to the dr this morning with the little miss.. Things are just not right but we’re not sure WHAT. So hopefully he can give us an idea or two. Be talking to you soon,
    Love P xx


  3. Hey Sis. All is in control this end – and the black be-utey WILL be in town to await your winged arrival – come high water! Hope the perfect princess is better. I think she’s missing Aunty Kat! xxx


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