Last Night’s Light Show

    Light Show

    the night away,
    and flashing
    like flickering

This was the delight that awaited me when I switched off lights after writing my blog post last night. A sprinkling of fireflies…



  1. Fireflies – oh I love those and I never even knew that we got them here in Australia.

    In South Africa we used to get them, and when I was in Washington DC, USA recently, we saw some and I realised my kids had never seen them in real life – only on TV – it was a sad moment and a happy one too. They chased them for at least half an hour before giving up…boys will be boys!

    So happy you saw some – hope you made up a story about them dancing in the night!

    Bye 4 now


  2. I thought fireflies were only found in storybooks – until I married and moved here. Don’t see them often – so when we do it’s an ‘Ooooh’ magic moment.

    Your boy story is bubbling with joy! Reminds me of my boys chasing locusts through the spinifex. (We passed through a several swarms on the highway between Mount Isa and Camooweal…) Boys had scratches for days – but the loved it!


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