Road Rules

Look to the left…

and look to right…

Then if the road is clear of traffic…

Walk straight across the road…

Don’t run!



  1. Hi, Just taking a few minutes to catch up on the next door neighbours. You seem to see a whole different perspective on things. While we are staying out of the rain we are missing beautiful nature. I have never seen a snail out of its shell certainly not crossing the road! You make us take another look! Good on you!!


  2. G’day Neighbour! Saw your dairy cows plodding through very muddy paddocks (or was that grassy lakes?) on the way home this arv. The animals must be sick of this wet!

    Those snails were out and about just that one time – and there were so many, it would have been hard to miss them. Don’t know why we didn’t see them in subsequent floods…


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