What Would You Do?

When writing a poem a day, sometimes you find rhythm (and even rhyme – but not this time) in the strangest places…

what would you do?

at the dress shop
two summer frocks
vie for attention;

bold black
with white spots
fitted bodice
nipped in waist
skirt flared over
ruffles of black tulle –

jade green
simply cut
featuring black
floral hem design
just a glimpse
of black tulle –

I can’t

what would you do?



  1. Thanks for the fun comments. I don’t really feel so bad now – because…

    The green was so pretty
    like moss in the mist,
    so sweet and so simple
    I couldn’t resist…

    But those black and white spots?
    they were très chic, you see,
    and at half the marked price,
    they were both made for me!


  2. Kat you might become know as Dotty-Kat! ( haha…)

    But go for it – bet no one, other than us few close friends, will even notice that its similar… as in it has spots!

    Hugs and so glad you got them both.

    Bye 4 now


  3. Hi I would have bought the green. It never hurts to be seen in green!!(apparently)But then maybe I would have bought the two as Wayne would have said “”Oh! Just get both!!””


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