Techno Trials – Part Two

This techno trial really was a trial!

As with most internet activities, when you surf the Google Wave you have the option of a personalised avatar. I designed a little ‘katswhiskers’ for the occasion, and it looked so groovy in the wave, that I decided to tackle the task of making it part of my email signature…

Easy – right?

No way! For one such as myself, who is not particularly technical outside of what I already know, this was a four-hour, two-stage process. Hmmm… 4hrs to create a simple signature is perhaps not a good thing to admit in this day and age, but I like to think it reflects tenacity, perseverance and determination – all vital traits within the publishing industry!

My biggest difficulty was finding a set of instructions that produced a result. I found many and varied instructions, but always (always, always!) I was left with the code in my signature – and no graphic!

Until I stumbled on– and suddenly (like 4 minutes suddenly – really super fast!) my signature was up and working.

That’s when I got a little carried away and decided to include the pic of my book covers too…


You like?

You want one too?

Knowing how long it took me to find instructions that worked (beautifully simple instructions that worked) I have included the link (with my recommendations) for others who may also be interested in a graphic in their signature.

How to Insert a Graphic into an Outlook Express Email Signature

What you need:
* Suitable image
* Outlook Express
* Notepad program
* Heinz Tschabitscher’s Instructions
* Creativity!

What You Do:
1. Click on this link.
2. Follow the instructions.

Too easy! Have fun with it.



  1. My Mail program (Mail on a Mac) just does it by itself almost, so that wasn’t a problem. What I would like to know, since you are on the road to tech guruism, is how to stop Yahoo from stripping the html out of my email sig there?


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