Kat is Back!

Welcome Back!

Oops. Sorry – it’s me who’s been away. Hmmm… Well, I’m glad to be back… and blogging… and you’re certainly welcome back to my blog!

For those who may have missed it, I’ve been on holidays. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say, I’ve been doing research – because I’m sure there’s a whole swag of stories and articles about to unroll after our recent travelling experiences. Just give me time…

Australia is a HUGE, vast nation (yep – both those!) rich in rugged beauty. I am still in awe of the landscapes – the colours and textures. The enormity! The open spaces – and the cavernous gorges. Roads that stretch as far as the eye can see. Again and again and again…

There’s so much to see and soak into your soul. Truly, how fortunate we are to call this place our home.

Kat Outback

Over the next couple of blogs I’ll share a couple of holiday experiences with you – starting with my looooong trip to the CYA conference, and a crazy katch-up with some more kids (and YA) writers and illustrators. (What a fantastic bunch to be a part of!)

Check back on Friday for that. And if you’ve missed my two quick posts whilst on the road – scroll down below…

For now… I’m off to write!
(If you can imagine the kat that stole the cream… that’s me grinning right now. It’s been too long.)


  1. Welcome back, Kat. You’re right, we do live in an amazing country. Reading your blog makes me feel nostalgic…takes me back to our almost two year trip around Australia, in tents with our two kids under three. Fantastic fun! I want to go again, now:-)



  2. Dee – I hadn’t realised you’d had two years to soak in the sights. You’d have seen MUCH more than we did in our 6 weeks.

    Lynn – Great to catch up with you too. And thanks for visiting my blog!


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